Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Today is a gift so we call it..."

Hello, everyone!

It's been awhile, a few updates--

It was good. I had a chance to do a whole lot of nothing, but I got 2 things done on my list of things to do (the list had at least 8 things on it, but I'm just not going to think about it because it makes me frustrated with myself for being lazy over break). I slept a lot, played a lot of Pokémon with my brother and brother-from-another-mother (Trey), learned how to play guitar, and finished an arrangement for my a capella group.

The Present:
Life is good back here in Lincoln. Extremely busy, a teensy bit stressful, but good. I've been doing a lot of yoga recently and that's actually really really helped lower my stress level and center me in order to get through my long days, even though it means I have to be there by 7:15AM. In fact, I just bought a nice new yoga mat, because the idea of the Rec Center ones and all that sharing is really kind of grossing me out. Plus, the yoga instructor who teaches power vinyasa in the mornings is simply phenomenal.

The folk band that I started with my friends Molly and Jenny is going rather well, we're learning songs quickly and hoping to start gigging by mid-February.

I'm fairly certain that my schedule is the devil, but, even though my days are minimum 9 hours long at the music building, (excluding homework and a few groups that meet outside of SoM things) I still really love everything I'm doing.

As for sleep, I've been surprisingly (so far) getting a bit more of it, I'm up to 4-6 hours a night now, usually, and it feels great. I've just been managing my time better, and using MUCH less Facebook. I've cut down to maximum half an hour a day, and removed it from my phone. I don't have time to waste on things as trivial as that, and the only reason I still have it is because it's a powerful and indispensable networking tool, plus, I like posting funny things sometimes.

Work is good, I got all the shifts I wanted at all the times I wanted them for the semester, AND they're all in the building I live in, which makes me very happy.

I love all my classes, love all my teachers. Learning string bass and oboe currently, and I'll also have bassoon and another string instrument under my belt by the end of spring.

My ensemble situation is a little less than ideal, but that'll be fixed after this semester. Due to being Pre-Vet last year on top of all this, I haven't taken Women's choir yet, and after another series of unfortunate circumstances with my schedule, had to drop USingers. Hopefully it'll just be for the semester and Dr. Eklund will take me back, but it's just really unfortunate since we're doing Carmina Burana this semester. On the plus side, jazz choir is going rather well, and so is big band.

Also, some stress with the a capella group, but hopefully we'll work through it. Just part of being a brand-new organization I suppose. But, we've been taking it all in stride.

I love my friends (even though I don't get to hang out with them as much as I'd like to), school, making music. I mean, yeah, my stress level is usually ridiculous, but, again, that yoga is reeeeally starting to help. I highly recommend it to anybody, but especially people who live high-stress, busy lives. That time to meditate and reflect has been invaluable these past two weeks, especially when I got really sad that I couldn't make it an entire week without having to brew a cup of coffee at 9:30pm to do more homework. Oh well.

That's about it! Sorry that my life is boring, but I figured I'd post something.

Song of the day: "A Dustland Fairytale" by the Killers. Kind of an old one, but it's one of my most favorite songs of all time. So beautiful, and it has wonderful lyrics on top of wonderful music.

Also, here's my Soundcloud, again. It has music on it, 4 of which are original compositions (some latin and electronic music, along with some covers).


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