Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"And the living is easy."

Hey there, readers!

Summertime is here for UNL students. I've been out of school for awhile now, and it feels pretty fantastic. I already miss a lot of my school friends, but it's been really nice to be home in Columbus and catch up with all the people here. I'm pretty sure I've slept more in the past few weeks than I did for the entire month of November, and it feels really good. It's been refreshing being at home, and I'm not quite ready for that time to end yet.

As far as how school ended this past semester, it ended really really well. I got all A's (and an A- in my class worth the most credit, Music Theory -_-), so I had a semester GPA of a 3.9. This means my overall GPA is a 3.78 right now, which feels pretty good. Yay for keeping my Regents Scholarship!

I've been taking a short break from composing, which will actually probably end right after this blog post is sent to the world wide web, so I wouldn't get burned out and so I could give myself time to miss it. And I have been missing it, so, mission accomplished.

I've still been keeping busy doing music stuff, I'm starting a band for gigging and for fun with my buddies Michael Nguyen and Mitch Benson, and we've got a sample CD in the works. We're also working on a band name, and I'll let you all know as soon as that happens.

For those of you who haven't heard, I managed to get hired for two counseling positions this summer, one for the UNL high school jazz camp, and also for the UNL middle school band camp. This is a super huge blessing, especially since I'm Music Education now, and I'm really excited to work with these kids!

Oh, AND I got hired to work the night desk at The Village next year, and my future roommate, Sarah Ebner, got hired at the day desk, so it'll be a really fun time. I figure since I'm always awake, I might as well get paid to stay up and do homework. Plus, I actually live in The Village next year so I can just walk downstairs to my job, which is super convenient.

For those of you who don't know, I move back to Lincoln on June 1st because I'm taking summer classes (I actually want to try and be done in less than 5 years). Unfortunately, I've been having problems finding a part-time summer job, but this might be a blessing in disguise since my summer keeps looking busier and busier. Plus, the counseling jobs will get me a bit of money and be great for resumé boosting and whatnot, and my job during the school year will also aid in making me less broke. In other words, Columbus people, if you'd like to hang out with me, now is the time. We don't have all summer, unfortunately. Lincoln people, be excited! A lot of my summer will be spent with you.

I'm not gonna lie, these last few weeks have been really really lazy for me in comparison to the normal flurry of activity that seems to surround me, and I think it's just the thing I needed after this crazy school year. Summer has been really fantastic so far, I'm not ready for it to end at all. :)

Thanks for reading, I love you all!

Today's song of the day is a great one by a folk-duo called The Civil Wars. The song is entitled "Barton Hollow," and it's a good listen.


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