Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Enormous Amount of Awesome.

Buongiorno, amici!

Well, it's nearing the end of the second day of my second semester in college. I'm rather excited for the rest of this one. Since I enjoy lists and thinking in lists and writing lists, here's a lovely numbered collection of all the reasons I'm thinking this will be a great semester.

1) I don't have to get up at 6am. Instead, I wake up at the much more reasonable hour of 7am, and this makes me very happy.

2) I'm taking filmscoring with 3 pretty cool dudes, and I have a pretty cool professor. Yeah, our class is only made of 4 people. So much win.

3) I'm taking Organismic Biology instead of AgriScience for my science class this semester, and this is actually something I'm interested in/pertains to my major.

4) My theory and aural skills classes are filled with some pretty fantastic people.

5) I'm playing synthesizer for Big Red Express, which is rather fun and I'm realizing is not something I should have been worried about.

6) I'm getting more than 2 hours of sleep a night (so far, knock on wood).

7) At some point this semester, I'll hopefully be singing with either the UNL jazz orchestra or Big Band. Which is definitely one of the most amazing, wonderful opportunities ever.

8) I got to pick the song/key of what I'm doing for 7), plus, I get to arrange it.

9) My professors all seem pretty awesome, some I've had before, and the new ones are pretty great, too.

10) I will actually have all the textbooks I need by Friday.

11) Jazz choir gets to travel this semester!

12) I (might) get to travel with Big Red Express this semester!

13) I (might) get to go to Chicago over spring break to watch The Black Keys in concert!

14) I'm getting progressively more excited as I type this list!

15) I have a crazy amount of fantastic opportunities as a musician here, and my biggest problem is having time to pursue all of them. I seriously feel limited only by how much work I put in, and not by other people or circumstances, and it's a fantastic feeling to have that I never had in Columbus.

16) There are seriously a lot more, but I don't think I have time to write it all.

So there you go, a list of why this semester is probably going to be my best semester of school to date. I'm extremely happy with my life right now. And, I also have wonderful friends and family who are the cream cheese frosting to my carrot cake of happiness.

The song of the day today is: Are You Gonna Be My Girl, by the band Jet. It's a rather old song, but a good one, and it's happy and makes me even happier. So here it is. Enjoy!

With love,

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